CAT Positrack & Excavators

Earthmoving Solutions – Aussie Excavators Plant Hire has it covered

With Aussie Plant Hire’s earthmoving fleet of excavators, we have the ability to deliver a full solution for your Demolition, Civil and Plant Hire needs in South East Queensland.


Aussie Excavators Plant hire have a large range of Hitachi, Yanmar, CAT and Sumitomo excavators.  These are available for Wet Hire and all your demolition and civil work in South East Queensland.  In addition to our earthmoving machinery, we also have a large number of tippers and water carts available.

Our Fleet has grown considerable in past 12 months.   We continue to expand our Fleet to service our clients with our excavators, tippers and posi-tracks.  Our earthmoving fleet boasts machinery from 1.5-tonne to 30-tonne and is available to hire at a moments notice.

We are currently working on a few big key projects.  These include the Brisbane Airport Runway Project and multiple large housing development sites located in South East Queensland.

To organise a hire please give us a call on 07 3206 2800.


Aussie Plant Hire Trucks

New trucks join the fleet…

Vehicles for every job…

Flat Bed

We have flat bed trucks which are used for moving our earthmoving equipment, excavators and bobcats to work sites and for floating our larger machines around the state.  This month we welcomed two new beaver tail trucks.


We have 6m and 10m tippers available for regular short and long term hire.  They are available with low or high sides depending on your requirements. These are great for site clean ups and delivery material to site which we can also do for you.

Water Trucks

These are available for short or long term hire in 9ooo litres to 15,000 litre sizes.  Perfect for dust suppression and filling road work bollards.

Call us today to book truck hire for your next project.


13T Excavator and Earthmovers

Why You Might Hire Earthmovers in Brisbane

How Aussie Plant Hire can help you

With a wide range of machinery available to hire and expert help and advice, hiring earthmoving equipment will make your job easier every time.

Whether you are tackling a small residential project or a large scale commercial project Aussie Plant Hire can help you.  Here are some reasons you might hire earthmovers in Brisbane.

Levelling a house site

Our larger excavators from 8T to 30T and medium to large posi tracks are perfect for cutting residential house sites.

Laser levels, GPS, experienced operators and reliable machines keep your project on track and on time.

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Bobcat Hire in Brisbane

Why you need to hire a Bobcat in Brisbane…

The benefits of using a bobcat or posi track

Whether it’s for a large commercial project or a residential home, there is a bobcat or posi track for hire to meet your needs.

Machines come in a range of sizes.  The micro’s and mini’s, are suitable for confined spaces and are mostly used for residential work.  Posi tracks are great for jobs such as site clearing, earthmoving and loading out.  The main difference between the two is that bobcats are wheeled and posi tracks are tracked machines.

See a list of available machinery and it’s uses listed below…

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8T Excavator

Why you need new plant equipment to hire – 8 ton Yanmar arrives…

Reasons to book yourself an 8 ton excavator from Aussie

This week we took delivery of a shiny new 8 ton Yanmar excavator.  It went straight to site at Karawatha where it will be busy for some time. It’s a great addition to our vast fleet and we now house 8 of these excavators which are in heavy demand on jobs around Brissy.

It’s a very versatile machine and can be used with lots of attachments.  These include compaction wheels, various sized augers, rock breakers, rock grabs and rippers.

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Swimming Pool Excavator Hire

Why you need an earthmover in Brisbane…

Building a pool

It’s the middle of a Queensland Summer, the temperature is soaring, and you live in Brisbane!  What could be better than cooling off in your own pool after a long day at work?

Pool construction can be an expensive exercise so you want to get it right, which is why you need an earthmover in Brisbane.  Picking an earthmoving company with experienced pool digging operators is essential.  A well thought out pool can add a great deal of value to your property.

Here are some simple steps and guidelines to help you with the process…

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Fuel Management

Excavator and Bobcat fuel management solutions…

A recent edition at our Brisbane depot is the installation of our new Fuel Management Station. Fuelling up a fleet of over 50 excavators, bobcat, trucks and vehicles on a daily basis can be a logistical nightmare.  Fuel management has never been more important and just go a whole lot easier around here.

The Strike Fuel Management System provides an accurate recording of our fuel usage for each individual machine and vehicle. This information is vitally important.  Tank levels are automated and monitored via satellite to manage regular depot fuelling.

The fuel pump operates efficiently at 5 times faster than the normal hi flow pumps at service stations.  Lining up at the bowser or wasting valuable time filling up is now a thing of the past.

After a few weeks in action, this station has become an integral part of our operations and contributes to the overall success of our fleet service.

Servicing equipment

Equipment servicing equals happy customers…

Aussie Excavators Plant Hire has a large fleet of excavators, bobcats, posi-tracks and trucks.  A skilled team of qualified Diesel Mechanics and Operators are servicing our equipment onsite and at our depot to minimise downtown.

Our mechanics ensure that our machinery is in tip top condition and ready for work 24 hours a day.  Our Service Manager/Head Diesel Mechanic works hard to ensure that our machinery is compliant with stringent health and safety requirements.  All Aussie Excavators Plant Hire equipment is regularly serviced and maintenance history on any machine is readily available.

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Skilled Excavator Operators

Skilled excavator & bobcat operators

At Aussie Plant Hire, we believe that you are only as good as your operators.

For this reason we have a rigid recruiting process to ensure that we only employ the right people to represent our company.  Our operators must be highly skilled, be reliable, have good communication skills and have a strong work ethic.  They must complete our company induction, hold valid and relevant licences and tickets to comply with our comprehensive QHSE policies.

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Aussie Plant Hire 8T Excavator

Yanmar 8T excavator arrives…

The welcome mat is out again as we take shipment for another 8 ton excavator to add to our ever growing wet hire fleet.

A true concentrate of technology and innovation.  The ViO80-1 offers the performance of a large excavator while enjoying the benefits of a compact excavator. Designed to work effectively on a wide variety of sites, it combines compactness, power, versatility, comfort and reliability.  A large range of attachments are available for wet hire with this machine.   These include various sized augers, rock augers, rock-breakers, compaction wheels, rippers, tilt buckets and rock grabs.

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