6 Ton Combo Hire in Brisbane

Book a 6 Ton Combo for a large range of projects.  Projects including backyard pool digs, site preps, detailed excavations, trenching, footings and test pits are perfect for this size machinery. Our operators are highly skilled in operating both skid steers and excavators which ensures you get value for money.

Attachments that are available for the excavator include various sized augers, rock breakers, rock grabs, rippers and compaction wheels. The attachments for bobcats and posi tracks have spreader bars, brooms and 4 in 1 buckets.  This makes them a handy piece of equipment on any work site.

The 6 Ton Combo comes with a Bobcat or Posi Track loaded on a Tipper/Body Truck (or a flat bed when a tipper is not required).  This  makes it a great asset to on all projects and work sites.