If you are renovating your home or working on a construction project, you may be considering a mini excavator hire. This guide will help you understand what a mini excavator is and why you should look at hiring one for your next Brisbane or Gold Coast project!

What is a Mini Excavator?

A mini excavator is a piece of construction equipment that sits on track or wheels and allows you to dig or lift materials. They are extremely versatile but very powerful – which makes them the perfect choice for a wide variety of projects. Mini excavators are flexible and can work in tight spaces, even indoors like horse arenas and stadiums. They are often used to reach areas that larger equipment is unable to access. These capabilities make mini excavators the perfect tool for rubbish removal digging, surface preparation, and more.

Our 1.5-ton mini excavators are available for any domestic project, and it can be used in your garden, driveway, or backyard. With a Brisbane mini excavator hire, you get the benefit of using the machine for as long as you need without the commitment of buying the equipment outright!

So, here are the top 7 reasons you should hire a mini excavator:

1. You Get Access to an Experienced Operator
The best part about working with Aussie Plant Hire to rent a mini excavator is that you get an experienced operator to do all the hard work for you. Rather than having to pick up the machine and learn how to use it yourself, we will deliver and pick up the machines, and do all of the other heavy lifting for your project!

2. Improved Flexibility
When using a mini excavator, you have improved flexibility and can complete a wider variety of projects faster. Not only can this machine be used for excavating, but they can also dig post holes and break up concrete and rocks.

You also have the option to select a machine on posi-tracks or wheels to adapt to the surface you are working on. Tracks are best for softer ground, and wheels are preferable for rougher terrain.

3. Access More Spaces
Another reason hiring a mini excavator is that it allows you better access to more spaces. They are smaller, narrower, and lighter than other machines, which allows them to be positioned faster.

They are highly manoeuvrable as well, regardless if you are working indoors, outdoors, or in tight confined spaces.

4. Complete More Projects – Faster
With an experienced operator included as part of your Brisbane machinery hire, you will be able to do more projects in less time. They can change attachments on the mini excavator and get a lot more work done in a tight timeframes, rather than having to hire additional labor over a longer period of time.

5. They Minimise Damage
A Brisbane mini excavator minimises the damage to your property or job site. Larger equipment is less graceful and can often lead to unintended damage and tearing up the ground.

Mini excavators, on the other hand, are lighter and thus less likely to damage your driveway or gardens. They also have less tail swing that often causes accidental damage in smaller areas.

6. Lower Costs
One of the best reasons to hire a mini excavator with Aussie Plant Hire is that it will save you money. A Brisbane excavator and machine operator will not only be more cost-effective than renting a larger machine, but you will also see overall savings because of the speed in which projects will be completed.

7. They can Multi-Task
Last but not least, mini excavators can multi-task! All you need to do is switch out the attachments and you can complete even more tasks without having to use additional equipment.

If you are ready to hire a mini excavator, contact us at Aussie Plant Hire today!

Our expert operators will be sure that you get the job done, whether it is a backyard project or major construction undertaking.