If you’re working on a construction or remodeling project, you may need to hire a Bobcat and operator to move heavy or larger quantities of materials. This piece of machinery is a great solution for both commercial and residential projects due to its versatility.

This guide will help you understand what a Bobcat loader can do and why you should choose Aussie Plant Hire when you hire your Bobcat in Brisbane.

What is a Bobcat Loader?
A Bobcat loader is an essential piece of equipment for a wide variety of jobs, from site preparation to earthmoving and more! A loader is a compact machine equipped with tracks or wheels that allows it to maneuver around in tight spaces and across various types of terrain.

The arms of the loader can be equipped with different types of attachments, depending on the project you are working on. Whether you are lifting dirt, bricks, timber or gravel a Bobcat loader is efficient enough to can get the job done fast.

Projects that Can Benefit from Bobcat Hire
So, what type of projects can a Bobcat loader help with? The better question is what can’t they do!

When it comes to construction projects, a Bobcat loader can help you lift and transport materials across the job site and place them exactly where they are needed. Plus the interchangeable attachments also ensure that the Bobcat can undertake a variety of tasks including digging, levelling, and lifting to cutting up concrete and wood.

Bobcats are perfect for construction site preparation as well. Rather than purchasing the equipment yourself, you can hire a trained and experienced operator from Aussie Plant Hire, to help you clear the site to ensure that your project begins on time.

Bobcat loaders are very compact, allowing an experienced operator to maneuver them around busy worksites and through small spaces. Bobcat loaders are also helpful for landscaping thanks to the addition of their extra attachments. For example, f you hire a bobcat and operator to help with your landscaping they will be able to move heavy pavers, gig holes, or trenches and also carry large quantities of soil or mulch to newly developed garden beds.

Types of Loaders Available
There are two basic types of Bobcat loaders: Skid Steer and Posi-Track.

The Skid Steer Loader is best for use on harder ground or flat, rocky terrain. This is the usual choice for general purpose-projects and construction sites.

The Posi-Track Loader, on the other hand, is the better choice for steep terrain or soft, muddy soil or sand. This option is perfect for grassy areas (or beachside sites) that could become slippery as the project goes on. These are the perfect choice for landscaping, cleaning up sites, backfilling, or garden and turf preparation.

Our Brisbane machinery hire packages include an experienced operator and the latest models of Bobcat loaders. Each machine is fitted with the best safety features available, and we give you the option of selecting tires or tracks based on what will help you get the job done appropriately.

You can choose to hire a bobcat loader equipped with GPS to make the job easier – and all of our machines come fitted with a standard 4-in-1 bucket and spreader bar attachment. These tools are reliable and safe for use on commercial and residential projects.

Aussie Plant Hire Is Here to Help!
Whether you need equipment for construction, residential site, or landscaping project, Aussie Plant Hire is here to help!

We provide bobcat loaders for everything from large scale industrial work to smaller residential projects. Since this is a sophisticated piece of equipment, we offer a wet plant hire service so that when you hire a bobcat; you also receive a trained and experienced operator that will help you on-site.

The highly skilled operator will ensure that your project gets done safely and the right way and our machines are maintained and serviced regularly, so that downtime can be reduced. If necessary, we have full-time mobile diesel mechanics available around the clock to assist you!

Ready to hire with us? Then contact us today to arrange a Bobcat Loader to be sent to your site.