When developing new land for estates and industrial areas the first thing you will have to do is clear the land of trees and undergrowth. This will allow room for the development of drainage and sewer systems as well as the installation of electrical and Internet cables then finally, homes!

Clearing Trees

Clearing trees seems like a daunting task, especially when there are large areas of land to clear and too many trees to count. This is where our dozer hire options come in handy with skilled operators to ensure the project goes ahead smoothly.

You can either clear trees head on while knocking down one at a time or use a chain method which will clear multiple trees at once. When the trees have been knocked down it is important to remove the stumps with either an excavator or dozer hire. Each is powerful enough to remove even the most stubborn roots from the ground with ease.

Removing trees and stumps from the worksite is simple with our excavator hire options, which will load the debris and organic matter into one of our tipper trucks to be hauled away. This will open up your development for the next stage in clearing the land.

Clearing Undergrowth

Once all the trees and stumps are cleared it is time to remove the undergrowth. As plants that grow in the undergrowth are smaller they are easier to remove and can be done so efficiently with a dozer. This debris can then be pushed into a pile out of the way until it is ready to be loaded and taken away the same as the trees.

After the undergrowth is cleared it is important to level the land. Any excess soil can be used as fill for large holes and ditches which our dozer hire is excellent for. Then the land can be swept over with one of our grader hire options to ensure that the land is ready to be built upon. 

The Benefits Of Large Scale Machinery

Land clearing is a big job and therefore requires large machinery to get the project completed quickly and effectively. This, in turn, will keep your project running on schedule and save you money in the long run, which is important when striving to increase your bottom line.

Despite being on the larger side our large scale plant machinery is great for performing complicated tasks while having the power to perform jobs with brute force if necessary. This makes them invaluable during land clearing and earthworks where you need the muscle and precision to get the project completed on time and to standard.

If you require excavator, grader or dozer hire options for your large scale land clearing or earthworks project contact us today on (07) 3206 2800.