Do you use a spreadsheet or project management app for your building developments? If you do, then the chances are you’ll know how quickly they can fill up with a string of tasks, many dependent on each other.

We can show you how to reduce the stress of a long-term building project in one fell swoop. Whether it’s a long-term council project or new private development you’re working on, we have you covered.

Read on for the lowdown on the large-scale machinery hire in the Brisbane area that we specialise in.

We Love Big Projects

Our area of business centres on the wet hire of heavy-duty plant machinery. Wet hire gives you the added bonus of one less complication to think about. That’s because our machines all come with experienced operators.

Ideal for large-scale projects that may last several weeks or months, our range of heavy-duty equipment and machinery is always shoo-in. These are some of the ventures we’ve enjoyed partnering up on over more than 30 years:

  • New, state-of-the-art shopping centres in the Brisbane area
  • Suburban housing and retail developments
  • City parks, council playgrounds, site clearing and lagoon projects

Meet the Team and Feel the Earth Move!

One of the many benefits we can offer, aside from value for money and expertise, is the versatility of machinery we have available. We can offer Brisbane Grader Hire, Brisbane Excavator Hire and everything in between.

For example, we have a range of 1.5 mini skid steers and bobcats right up to much bigger posi-tracks. All of our skid steers and bobcats come with a 4-in-1 bucket and spreader bar attachments as standard.

We have high-value combo options available too that allow you to take one of our 1.5-ton, 3-ton, 6-ton and 8-ton excavators along with either a bobcat or a standard skid steer. We’re always happy to mix and match in a way that suits you.

Tippers and Attachments

There are the 6m and 10m tippers that we own and operate to consider too. They’re exactly what you’ll need for taking away large quantities of rubble or rubbish from your site. We’ve even got water trucks in 9,000L, 13,000L and 25,000L sizes as well.

Project Managers love our dozer and grader hire options for their new housing developments and land-clearing ventures. We also have a full range of attachments in a variety of sizes available for any excavators and skid steers you hire.

So, if you need augering for post holes or sports field lights, we have attachments to get the job done.  Rock Breakers, Rippers, Blade and Tooth Buckets as well as Rock Grabs are available for our 1.5 – 30 ton excavators. There are spreader bars and brooms too for our skid steers and posi trucks.

Our Operators Can Save You Time and Money

At Aussie Excavators Plant Hire, we believe that the great machinery we can supply is only as good as the people that operate it. That’s why we’ve invested so heavily in training and development. All our experienced operators have the skill set to help make your project a success.

We all know that time is money. One of the benefits of the wet hire services we offer is that our operators can get stuck in straight away. There’s no need for them to figure out how a machine works. Their experience means they’re up on all the workarounds for tricky jobs that need that extra layer of skill.

Less Risk for You

There’s more because our professional operators mitigate the chances of an accident or environmental damage because they know exactly what they’re doing. We’re proud to look after our operators by giving them the respect they deserve.

For many, their work almost feels like a calling. It’s something they enjoy engaging in to give you all the extra tips you’ll need.

Competence comes with compliance. Having the right licenses has its place of course, but so does training, development and experience. Our operators don’t just operate, they think on their feet and ensure every job gets completed professionally and in the way you want it done.

No Maintenance Worries

The point is that you can sit back and relax without having the additional hassle of finding someone to operate the gear you need for your project. And, there are no maintenance costs involved either.

You could call this taking a holistic approach because you’re getting top-of-the-range machinery manned by a top-of-the-range team of experienced professionals.

How We Can Benefit Your Council Projects

Some of the key advantages of our large-scale machinery hire are:

  • The versatility and availability of top-class heavy gear
  • You can instantly factor accurate costings into your project budget
  • Prices are all inclusive of operators and maintenance issues
  • The expertise and insights our team can bring to the project
  • Added convenience and safety assurance
  • Wet hire is a time and money-saving solution

We understand that managing big projects requires resilience and superb organisational skills. Delegating heavy-duty tasks to our team demonstrates your flair for flexibility and problem-solving.

We’re the Name You Can Trust

When you’re planning a major project you need trusted professionals and the right heavy equipment for the job.

Aussie Excavators Plant Hire will enhance your team by bringing to the table a wealth of knowledge, expertise as well as heavy-duty tools to get the job done quickly and reliably.

Our goal is to keep our customers satisfied. We pride ourselves in exceptional service and a fleet that is genuinely second to none. We’ve all the latest equipment models and only ever use highly experienced machine operators.

We Want to Team Up With You!

However big your next council project is, we’d love to hear from you. We’re team players, ideally placed for your next big council development or private housing venture.

Get a whole string of tasks ticked off your project management list with one call to us. Large-scale machinery hire is what we do.

For Brisbane grader or Brisbane excavator hire and everything in between, get in touch today and let Aussie Excavators Plant Hire join your team.