We know how devastating bushfires in Queensland can be. Australians lost thousands of homes to them in a matter of months just over a year ago.
One of the biggest drivers of bushfires is what the Australian government describes as ‘fuel load.’ That includes the deadwood, shrubs and bushes around your home.
Clear your property of this kind of potential kindling with Bobcat and Truck hire. You’ll then have taken a major step towards reducing the risk of bushfire damage to your home and all the heartache that goes with it.

Get the Job Done With Bobcat Hire in Brisbane
The most efficient and effective way to get rid of this kind of debris is to hire a Bobcat. A Bobcat is a type of excavator designed for heavy-duty jobs like this. The good news is that you won’t even need to get your hands dirty.
Wet machinery hire means the equipment you rent comes with an operator. If you leave it to the experts, you’ll save yourself time, stress and effort. The Bobcat will remove all the debris and undergrowth from around your property.
These materials can catch fire in moments whether in an accident or through arson. They’re the stuff of dreams for a lightning strike. Queensland has more than its fair share of strikes that heat the surrounding air to super-high temperatures.
Lightning acts as a touchpaper when it hits arid, combustible undergrowth. Bobcat hire in Brisbane will allow you to keep the area around your property clear of materials that can catch fire and spread ablaze to your home.

Create a Safety Ring Around Your Home
In effect, by removing the debris, you can create a safety ring around your home that could stop a fire in its tracks. If the fire has nothing to keep itself burning then it will die out and be less able to reach the outside of your home and spread its way inside.
There is a direct connection between the quantity of fallen bark, leaves and small branches lying around on the ground, and a fire’s strength. The more debris there is, the hotter and more intense the fire is likely to be.
A high concentration of loosely compacted materials will burn more quickly than heavily compacted debris. Twigs, leaf litter and branches burn fast, especially when they’re dry and loosely dispersed around your property.
Bigger items like tree trunks often burn after the fire has subsided. Remember too, that the natural oil in eucalyptus trees will heighten the strength of any fire.

How a Bobcat Works
Bobcats are powerful, multi-purpose machines that can do far more than dig. They can rip through all kinds of trees, roots and even turn undergrowth into mulch. They do the kinds of dirty, difficult jobs in a fraction of the time it would take to do them manually.

They’ll clear trails and pathways and create open spaces free of vegetation. The Bobcat comes with several attachments and its arms can load whatever it picks up into a tip truck ready for us to take away.

We Have Your Wet Machinery Hire Needs Covered
Don’t get caught out. Save yourself time and a whole lot of effort with wet machinery hire. Bring in the professionals with the right equipment to clear your property of potentially dangerous debris. All that you’ll be left with is the peace of mind that you’ve done your best to keep you and your home as safe as possible.

Contact us today and let us take care of your Bobcat and Truck Hire needs.