Have you been itching to start that major backyard project but just haven’t had the time? Now is the perfect chance to get it started while you are in isolation. Our excavator hire options are available for your project, dam build or even for construction if you are continuing work on site.

Backyard Projects

Our operators perform a range of tasks for your major backyard project whether it is digging trenches for pipework, creating space for a pool or building retaining walls. Whatever your project maybe we can provide a licensed professional to perform the task so you and your family can stay safe and the job is completed sooner.

All our operators perform social distancing measures so you don’t have to worry about infection. As long as we can reach the area where your project is, you can stay safe and while we complete the work for you.

Dam Building And Cleaning

If you have been wanting to build a dam on your property or clean it of debris now is a great time to hire an excavator. Our excavator hire options come with operators that will build your dam in the location you desire, making quick work of the task. If your dam needs a thorough clean we also have combo hire options that will do the trick.

While we build your dam there is minimal need for contact between you or the operator. Customer safety is of utmost importance during these uncertain times, no matter what project you need us to perform safe distancing is always adhered to.

Construction And Demolition

Our excavator hire options are still able to be used on the worksite for construction or demolition with our operators taking all precautions necessary. Hiring an excavator has never been safer with our operators and machinery performing tasks without risking infection to your workers.

Your project will go ahead as normal while you save money in the long run as there is no need for you to maintain the machinery you hire or refuel it, that is our responsibility. This way you can concentrate on the important things while we get the task done.

Hiring an excavator during isolation is easy with our team adhering to social distancing laws. If you have a project you need to start while at home or on the worksite we can get the task done with minimal risk to you, your family or your workers. Contact our team at Aussie Plant Hire to hire an excavator today on (07) 3206 2800.