Thunderstorms and rain are an inevitable part of nature but they can be a real issue for those who own dams. This is because heavy rain can produce flooding that washes organic matter across the landscape and into your dam.

Issues Caused By Contaminated Dams 

When floodwaters cause organic materials such as plants, manure and straw to wash into your dam multiple problems can occur. The water starts to become contaminated and undrinkable for livestock. Although healthy livestock may seem unaffected for a time, young and sickly livestock will become affected rapidly.

The organic materials that have washed into your dam will also start to produce blue green algae, which is toxic to both people and animals. It is best to remove livestock for the dam straight away and quarantine it until the algae has been removed completely. 

Treating A Contaminated Dam 

There are a few ways that you can treat a contaminated dam, the first being to remove all the organic materials from the dam. This can be done with our excavator and bobcat hire. The excavator is great for removing debris from the centre of the dam while our bobcat hire options can clear the banks.

You should also aerate your dam and improve its water quality through chemical treatments such as chlorination. If you have blue green algae then you will need to add barley straw to your dam, as this will strip the nutrients from the water that allows the algae to grow. It also produces chemicals as it breaks down that limit algae growth. 

Maintaining Your Dam After Heavy Rainfall 

The best way to maintain your dam after heavy rainfall is through excavators and bobcat hire. This will allow you to remove the debris from your dam faster so your water has less chance of becoming contaminated.

Our excavator and bobcat options are also great for desilting dams and help reduce the salinity in the water. This is another form of water contamination that can be caused by excess salt being washed into your dam making it undrinkable.

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