Land clearing is one of the first steps taken in creating a construction site. Therefore it is important to clear the land as quickly and thoroughly as possible so you can move along with the main part of your project sooner.

What Is Involved?

First you need to understand the area you are clearing. Are there any utilities or pipework that needs to be avoided? During this phase, you should also create a plan of how you are going to clear the area and what might cause an issue down the track.

Once you have everything set it is time to hire plant machinery for your project. Clearing trees and stumps will be the main task, especially if you are clearing a forested area. When all the trees and stumps are cleared you will need to remove the debris off the work site. Then it’s just excavating the topsoil, filling, leveling and compacting the site. 

What Permits Do I Need? 

Before you begin your land clearing project it is important to obtain the correct permits for the job. This may include tree removal permits, land clearing permits, construction permits, etc. Check with your local council for everything you may need for your project.

Your local council will also be able to answer any questions you may have about the legal requirements of your project in their area. You should also consult other advisors for the legality of your project before you start. 

What Machinery Should I Use? 

Land clearing, especially over many kilometres, is a big job! That is why when you hire plant machinery you want to choose the big machines that can handle this sort of work. The best machines for land clearing are graders, dozers, excavators and trucks.

Your dozer and excavator hire are great for clearing trees and removing stumps while your grader hire will help level the land. Our truck hire options are great for removing trees and debris from the site so everything is ready to start construction.

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