La Nina has officially landed in the Brisbane area and we’re in for a wild one. We have survived cyclonic weather, wild storms and floods in the past and we have learned it’s best to be prepared. When damage happens, we know councils need help. We are a company that specializes in flood and storm damage clean-up with years of experience. We know how to get it done right so you can get your council area back to normal faster. Here’s what makes us different:

Wet Hire With a Difference

Our services on offer include wet hire of our extensive fleet of equipment.

What is wet hire? We’re glad you asked. Wet hire is the hire of the operator of the equipment required along with any additional consumables needed to complete the job. Our crew is the best of the best in the industry making us one of the most trusted storm damage clean-up crews in the Brisbane area. Our years of experience in storm damage clean-up, the locality of our operators and our 24/7 service make us headliners for such important community projects.

Wet hire machines need to be well maintained and serviced.

Equipment maintenance is a key component of our operation. Our fleet is extensive and well looked after to ensure each project we undertake, and our equipment is serviced and ready to perform. Our equipment is well looked after and prevents any lost time of productivity through equipment failure requiring repairs or part replacement.

Versatility and durability

In order to be able to perform this type of work, machines need to be versatile and durable. They also have to be able to withstand the tough conditions that wet hire workers face while they’re on the job. Storm damage clean-up crews often work in the rain and you know that they can’t just stop what they’re doing every time there’s an electrical storm or a big gust of wind comes along. In these moments, it becomes especially important for machines’ batteries and other electrical components not only last as long as possible but also to work no matter how wet or cold out it gets!


Our extensive fleet allows us to go nearly anywhere to perform some of the most difficult council projects. When cleaning up after a flood or storm damage, sometimes we need to get into tricky places and maneuver through tough conditions. Our excavators are up to the job.

Our fleet consists of excavators from 1.5-ton machines that can be used in confined spaces and all the way up to 30-ton machines designed to move significant amounts of earth. Having this versatility ensures that no fallen tree is too big and most spaces to manoeuvre are not too small.

Combo Hire

Storm damage cleanup can pose all sorts of challenges which often require the work of two machines to complete. We offer our fleet of excavators from 1.5 ton, 3 ton, 6 ton and 8 ton along with either a bobcat or a skid steer. With a variety of attachments available to our crew, our combo hire can manage any challenging project with ease.

Tipper Trucks

Proud members of our fleet are our variety of tipper trucks. We have 6m to 10m tipper trucks offering a powerful solution for small to large jobs. Our trucks are extremely powerful and can push through challenging terrains such as mud and damaged roads. These hard-working trucks are excellent for removing rubbish and delivering well-needed materials such as soil, sand, gravel or road base.

Water Trucks

We have water trucks available to assist with capacities ranging from 9000L, 13,000L and 25,000L. Our trucks are often used for kerb and road clean up along with managing dusty sites which can be detrimental during periods of high winds.

Dozers and Graders

As we are aware from our strong history of damaging storms, they can leave a real mess behind requiring an astronomical amount of strength to clear the path to normality. These machines are extremely strong and are often used for land clearing making them ideal for clearing large amounts of debris. They are commonly hired for building roads, commercial land preparation and more. These are versatile heavyweights.

Wet hire machines need to have trained operators.

In order to make sure that our machines are operated properly, a thorough training program has been put into place. We make it a top priority that all our operators receive proper instruction on how to use the equipment safely and efficiently and are well-experienced. They are often overqualified for the machines they operate making them suitable for even the toughest of jobs. We take pride in the quality of the operators that we supply.

We’re here to help.

If a significant storm hits and the result is a job that’s too big for your council crew, or if your crew has another job to do, call us and we’ll bring over our machines and operators. We’ll get to work and do everything required—the only thing you’ll notice is that the job is done efficiently and effectively. With our emergency service available 24/7, we’ve got your back.

Clean up crew ready for anything.

We have a team of experienced operators who can handle any type of wet hire job and we have a range of machines to meet your needs, from small to large. When your next disaster strikes and you need a hand, call us for our 24/7 emergency service.