At Aussie Plant Hire, we believe that you are only as good as your operators.

For this reason we have a rigid recruiting process to ensure that we only employ the right people to represent our company.  Our operators must be highly skilled, be reliable, have good communication skills and have a strong work ethic.  They must complete our company induction, hold valid and relevant licences and tickets to comply with our comprehensive QHSE policies.

Another key attribute that we look for in our operators is versatility. For example our popular Combo Hire Units require operators to be equally skilled in both excavators and skids steers.  Aussie’s allocation team select the best operator for your particular job, utilizing their strengths for the best possible result.
In an industry where service is paramount and longevity is key, meeting our client’s needs is our number one priority. After more than 30 years in the earthmoving industry, Aussie Excavators Plant Hire remains a driving force in Plant Hire throughout Brisbane and surrounding areas.

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