Whether you are looking at building a small driveway in front of your house or a large driveway through acreage there is no doubt that it is easier with Brisbane plant machinery hire. Here is what you need to know about building your new driveway.

The plant hire machinery

When building a driveway we recommend using our Brisbane combo hire machinery. These combo hires include an excavator, bobcat and tipper truck. This will ensure your project has plant machinery to dig and level the soil as well as taking the excess material away. You can also bring materials to your property with our tipper trucks.

Hiring plant equipment for your project will save you time and money when building your driveway. You can’t rush the drying process of concrete so the sooner you have it installed and ready for curing the sooner your driveway will be complete.

Australian regulations

When building your driveway there are a few regulations you need to abide by. The first is removing the footpath that crosses over your driveway on council land. You must have an uninterrupted path for your driveway so using an excavator to remove the council path is a great way to save time.

Also be aware of your boundaries and your property’s guidelines so you don’t accidentally build your driveway in the wrong spot. A driveway in Australia must be a minimum of 2.5 metres wide but 3 metres is usually the standard for a single car driveway and is the maximum width allowed for properties 450sqm or smaller.


Building a driveway on your own can be time consuming. However, we can make the process quicker with our Brisbane plant machinery hire. With professional operators to help you out your driveway will be built sooner than you think.

If you require Brisbane plant machinery hire for your driveway project give us a call today on (07) 3206 2800