With the Government releasing the HomeBuilder grant earlier this year more and more people have started to snap up land and contracts for building new homes. This has been great for those selling land and builders alike but there are concerns that this influx of new builds could put a strain on some builders in the industry. Luckily there is a way to stay on or work ahead of schedule while reducing the load on builders with multiple homes ready to be started. That solution is wet plant hire!

What is the HomeBuilder Grant?

The HomeBuilder grant is a scheme that is currently offered by the Government that allows eligible homebuilders, including first homeowners, to build a new home using a grant of $25,000. This is aimed to increase work within the construction industry and stabilize the economy during the effects of the corona virus outbreak.

The grant itself has caused many people who have wanted to build a brand new home to jump onto the opportunity with vigor. This has lead to a boom in land sales and building contracts, which has resulted in an influx of work for the building industry.

How wet plant hire can help with land clearing

With land currently in demand it has been a race to provide more areas where new homes can be built. This means that more land has to be cleared ready for development so that the needs of both builders and homeowners can be met.

Fortunately, our skilled and qualified team can help with this through our wet plant hire options! Land clearing is no problem with our dozers, graders and excavator hire which will complete your project on schedule.

Our dozer hire is excellent for clearing trees and debris fast while our grader hire allows you to level the land with efficiency. You can also hire an excavator to help remove fallen trees, rocks and organic matter so the land is ready to be sold and built upon. This makes our plant machinery invaluable during land clearing for new homes! 

How wet plant hire can help during construction

After land clearing comes the construction phase of the project where builders start to create brand new dwellings for homeowners. Though some builders might need some extra hands on deck with the amount of new homes currently being built. That is where we come in!

Our plant machinery hire options are great for builders as they can outsource work for certain parts of a project to lessen the strain on their team and keep to schedule during their build.

Some useful machinery builders will want to consider is hiring bobcats, excavators and tipper trucks. These machines are all very versatile and handle different jobs on the worksite with ease from hauling materials away to helping with construction and landscaping. It is the perfect solution if you are feeling under the pump!

If you need to hire plant machinery with professional operators to help keep your project on schedule contact us today on (07) 3206 2800.