There is no denying that tipper trucks are one of the most reliable machines on the work site. They are versatile and carry heavy loads to and from a site without having to make large amounts of trips. You also have the choice of using tipper truck hire services so you don’t have to purchase or maintain the machinery yourself. So what other advantages are there?

Large Scale Projects

Whether you choose tipper truck hire or own your own there is no doubt that these machines are great for large scale worksites. They are great for earthmoving projects as they can be loaded up and the dirt can be removed from the site with ease.

Tipper trucks are also indispensable during big clean up operations and tidying up a site once the project has been completed. This is because the rubbish can be loaded up straight away and taken to the tip which makes it so much easier than hauling multiple loads in utes or other smaller vehicles.

Transporting Materials

Whatever materials you need a tipper truck to haul they will deliver it with efficiency! Tipper trucks are designed to take on heavy loads and transport them to various sites, whether that is the tip or another worksite. Some even haul smaller machinery such as excavators so that separate trailers don’t have to be used.

This versatility means that tipper trucks can be used in various industries including construction, landscaping, machinery hire, waste management and more. They can also be used for large scale domestic projects, in which case, you are better off using tipper truck hire if it is a once-off project.

Cost Effectiveness

As tipper trucks can haul large amounts of material and don’t need to make as many trips as smaller vehicles they are more cost effective. This is especially the case for construction projects where large amounts of materials need to be delivered to the site to build homes and commercial buildings.

Tipper truck hire is also cost effective, as you don’t need to worry about purchasing your own vehicle and maintaining it then finding an operator. As a wet plant hire company, we provide the machinery without the cost to sustain it, which is perfect for reducing project costs.

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