There are many reasons that people might want to build a dam on their property. You may want to build a dam for irrigation, for your livestock, as a way to mitigate flooding on your property or even for landscaping to improve the look of your property. In any case, building a dam is not a task that can be done by hand as it is a large scale project more suited for plant equipment.

Dams are a great way to store water on your property so that you don’t have to always rely on Government resources for water. This is especially beneficial for farmers as it is cheaper to save rain water than to ship it in for crops or livestock. This can save farmers a lot of money during seasons where it is especially dry.

Building a dam on your property with Brisbane plant hire machinery can be great if you live in a flood zone too, as the dam will collect the flood water instead of it covering your property which, in some cases, can limit access to and from your home. Floodwaters can also damage the plants or grass that your livestock eat, especially if there is high salinity in the water. In this case, it can be essential that a dam be built on your property.

Aussie Excavators provide Brisbane plant hire machinery to help you build dams on your property. This allows you to save time and money building the dam yourself as our experienced operators can make quick work of the job. This means that you will be able to benefit from your new dam sooner.

When building a dam we suggest hiring an excavator, as they are very versatile machines that can dig your dam efficiently and safely. If you need the earth that is dug up moved off your property then our truck hire services are a great option as well. Contact us for our excavator hire and truck hire Brisbane options today on (07) 3206 2800