Dust around constructions sites is a common occurrence, which can affect the health of your workers in the long term. Different types of dust will have different effects but you should ensure that any dust on the worksite is mitigated using Brisbane water truck hire.

Types Of Dust 

Types of dust that are commonly found on a construction site include silica, metal dust, asbestos and wood dust. Metal and wood dust is created from their respective materials. Silica dust, on the other hand, comes from a range of materials including bricks, cement, drywall, stone and grout. This is usually spread when these materials are cut, ground or drilled into.

Asbestos is one of the better known materials that is dangerous when it becomes dust. It can be found in buildings that are older than 40 years and should be handled by professionals with the right qualifications. 

The Dangers 

There are many dangers that surround dust that can affect both people and machinery. It can interfere with the operation of machinery if it gets into key working parts. Dust can also create slip hazards, in severe cases can cause blindness and if inhaled can badly damage the lungs.

The biggest danger dust possesses is when it is breathed in for extended periods of time. This can cause a multitude of health problems including breathing difficulties, respiratory diseases and cancer. 

How To Mitigate Dust

There are a few ways that you can mitigate dust. The first is providing the correct protective gear for your workers, especially if they are working with materials that easily creates dust.

To reduce the spread of this dust on the worksite it is best to wet the whole area using our Brisbane water truck hire. This will reduce the risk of other workers on the site inhaling and having issues caused by dust.

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