Save money with our range of Brisbane Combo Hire Options

While some jobs are specialized and require only one type of plant machinery, other projects benefit from using two in a Combo with one operator. These combos consist of 1.5 ton, 3 ton, 6 ton and 8 ton excavators with either a bobcat or skid steer loaders. Booking this way is great value for money costing only a few dollars more to have an additional machine onsite.

Versatility in our Brisbane Combo Hire

Our smaller Combo’s are loaded on the back of a 10m tipper truck, giving you even greater value for money.  This gives you the option on site to remove soil or rubbish from site or bring in fill, gravel, mulch etc.  The larger equipment loads onto the back of a flat bed truck.  Our full range of machine attachments are also available for hire. These include rock breakers, rippers, rock grabs, various size buckets and augers, spreader bars and compactors.

Book a Brisbane Combo Hire today for your next residential or commercial project.  See pricing. Call us for a quote – (07) 3206 2800