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So, you have decided to hire plant machinery for your construction project – but do you know if a wet or dry hire is better for your situation?

Although this answer is not always straightforward, let’s define the difference between wet and dry hire and the benefits of each – that way you can make the right decision!

Wet Hire vs Dry Hire

Dry plant hire refers to hiring the machinery on its own. You are renting the equipment and what you do with it after you receive the rental is completely up to you. This option often makes sense for those with significant technical and operational experience relating to operating heavy machinery.

Simply put, with dry plant hire you just rent the machinery and manage anything else on your own.

Wet plant hire, on the other hand, include the machine and an operator to use it for you. Although this increases the cost since you are paying for an expert operator, it often makes the most sense for those who do not have experience operating heavy machinery.

Benefits of Wet Plant Machinery Hire

With a wet Brisbane machinery hire, you are getting a package deal for the equipment and the skills that the operator has.

Think about it this way: almost anyone can drive a car, but there are varying levels of complexity depending on the vehicle. The same thing goes for machinery!

Whether it is a bobcat hire or an excavator hire, the machine is not going to do the job for you. The success of the project completely relies on the skills of the person operating the equipment.

A wet plant machinery hire will help you complete the project faster and ensure that the job is done properly – the first time around. They will be able to ensure safety on the construction site and reduce the risk of other damage or issues.

For example, with wet hire, the machinery is the responsibility of the operator – even though they are accountable to you. That means that they are responsible for any damage or mechanical problems that may arise with the equipment. With a dry hire, you may face extra costs if something like this were to occur.

Although wet hire costs more upfront, there are actually cost savings in the long run!

Which One is Best for Me?

Now that you understand the difference between a wet and dry machinery hire, it is time to decide which option is right for you.

If you have proven experience and skills with the machine you are renting, dry hire may be an acceptable option. Dry plant hire is the most inexpensive option to start off but remember that there may be extra costs later on if it turns out an operator is needed.

In most cases, however, wet hire is best if you are inexperienced with the particular equipment – or if you want peace of mind that the job will be done correctly, on time, and safely. There are always variables that exist with construction projects, and an expert operator will be available to address those needs as they arise.

The important thing is to analyse your situation and determine what will make the most sense for you!

If you have decided that the benefits of a wet plant hire are what you are looking for, contact Aussie Plant Hire today to get started!

We are your Brisbane machinery hire experts, and our goal is to provide you with the best operators and machinery to complete your construction project. Whether you need an excavator hire, a bobcat hire, or any other construction equipment, we are here to help!