At Aussie Plant Hire, we offer a wide variety of combo plant hires. This article will review the various combo machinery hires available and what each of the excavators is capable of!

What is a Combo Plant Hire?
Before we get into the different combo equipment hires available, let’s discuss what the term means.

A combo plant hire is the best way to access two machines for one low price. Many construction projects require more than one piece of equipment, such as an exactor, bobcat and truck. When you choose to rent this machinery together, it makes the process simpler and more cost-effective.

We offer all of our equipment as a wet plant hire option, which means one of our highly trained operators will come to the job site with the machinery and operate them for you. Their skills will help you complete the job right the first time, ensuring you can meet any tight project deadlines.

Bobcat Combo Plant Hire
A bobcat is a versatile machine that can be used for a wide variety of commercial and residential projects. If you need to move dirt or materials in order to prepare a job site, a bobcat is a great place to start.

This Equipment Combo Hire is ideal for work in limited or restricted access areas because the machinery is small and can navigate tight spaces. Our excavators can dig trenches and footings or do detailed excavation while our bobcats are great for landscape jobs and lawn preparations in residential areas.

Our Bobcats are the newest models and have all of the highest safety features equipped, plus you can choose between tracks or tyres depending on the needs of the job.

3-Ton Combo Hire
The combination of a bobcat and a 3-ton excavator can be used for almost any domestic project. This option is particularly useful when you have a job that requires some power but needs the machinery to maneuver in a restricted area, for example building a pool.

Some common projects for a 3-ton combo higher include backyard excavation or intricate civil projects; our combo hires get used a lot on commercial and council sites too.

6-Ton Combo Hire
When a 3-ton excavator is not enough, consider our 6-ton combo higher. This package includes a bobcat and a 6-ton excavator that is perfect for large jobs that require a lot of heavy lifting or large amounts of earth that needs to be moved.

For example, you may want to go with this option for larger commercial pools, trenching, and detailed excavations. There are various sized augers, rippers, and rock breakers available as well, and you can trust that your skilled operator knows what to use and when to use it!

8-Ton Combo Hire
If you are working on a large commercial project that requires drainage and bulk earth movement, you should opt for our 8-ton combo hire. Although this combination of equipment packs a lot of power, the 8-ton excavator has zero swing – meaning it can still easily maneuver a wide variety of work sites!

At Aussie Plant Hire, we can transport these machines to your project’s location on a flatbed truck, and you can rent all of the necessary attachments at your convenience.

Book Your Combo Plant Hire Today!
If you have a construction project – whether it is a council job or largescale industrial work – booking a combo excavator hire can really help.

Aussie Plant Hire can provide you with quality earthmoving machinery so that your job can be completed quickly and effectively. Our skilled operators will deliver impressive results for any undertaking, including land clearing, commercial preparation, road building, and so more.

The machines available as part of our combo excavator hire are maintained and serviced on a tight schedule. This allows us to minimise downtime and ensure the equipment is safe for our operators to use. In case of an emergency, we have full-time mechanics available 24/7 – so you will always have peace of mind.

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