There are many types of plant hire machinery that you can choose from for your project, but which one would be best? You need to consider the size, location, obstacles and timeframe of your project before you go and hire so here are some helpful tips to get you started!

Backyard Projects

Backyard projects are generally small scale when it comes to plant machinery hire. It may seem like a large task to you but get a bobcat in there and your project will be done in no time!

Backyards are a tight fit for most plant machinery so it is better to use smaller equipment such as your bobcat, skid steer and smaller excavators. You can use a tipper truck to haul materials away, which is a great idea as the bobcats can load it up out on the street.

Commercial And Industrial Projects

Commercial and industrial projects are your larger scale projects that tend to last for months or even years at a time. These projects generally require tasks such as bulk earthmoving, trenching and grading to be performed over a vast area.

In this case, larger plant hire machinery is needed. These machines include your dozers and large excavators, which are great for earthmoving, graders, which will level out the area of your worksite and tipper or water trucks to move materials off site and reduce dust.

Great All-rounders 

Excavators are your great all-rounders! They can handle different types of projects with the various attachments that they come with. Whether it is earthmoving, trenching, drilling or digging holes you will have the perfect machinery performing your task.

Bobcats and skid steers are also very versatile being able to level out your project area while performing earthmoving and rubbish removal tasks. Though not as versatile as an excavator they come in at a close second for any project!

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