A pool can be an excellent addition to your backyard. Fill a boring yard with fun and excitement for everyone to enjoy when it’s summer here in Brisbane. If you have the space, don’t think twice before taking the plunge.

However, we understand that it can be a little daunting to figure out all the details before the start of the work. Here, we simplify things for you by answering one of the primary questions you might have: what size excavator do you need for a pool excavation in your backyard? We discuss what you should consider when getting an excavator and how to choose the best one.

Read this guide to learn everything you need to know about Brisbane pool excavation.

Types of Pools

Before going into the details of what kind of equipment you need for pool excavation, let us discuss the types of pools to consider. There are mainly three types of swimming pools most common in Australia.

Concrete pools
A concrete pool is the most durable option, and it is fully customisable. You can decide the size and shape of the pool according to your preference and available space.

It is also easier to remodel or extend an existing concrete pool than the other options. You can choose the design, add features and the finishing options. The possibilities are endless. However, it takes much longer to build a concrete pool.

Also, it is an expensive option. If you have a tight budget, you may consider the other two options.

Vinyl-lined pools
It is a cost-effective option. A vinyl lining is a flexible liner that goes into the excavated hole. Most of the readymade vinyl linings are rectangular. However, depending on the manufacturing company, you may have the option to customise the shape and size.

Because the material is protected against fungus and algae, these pools are low-maintenance and require fewer chemicals. It usually doesn’t crack or chip but remember, sharp objects can damage the liner.

Also, consider getting a liner that is at least 20 to 30 mm thick. It’s an excellent budget-friendly option and can be installed within one to three weeks.

Fibreglass pools
The third option you have is the fibreglass pool.

Imagine it as a giant fibreglass bowl that fits into the excavated hole and is available in a range of interior finishes.  They are durable and pre-designed. The shell can be made with various materials, including stainless steel or galvanised steel.

It also comes with a gel coating that makes it stain resistant. It is not porous like vinyl lining and thus resistant to algae and fungus. That means you use fewer chemicals to keep the water clean.

However, the main disadvantage of this type of pool is its installation which can be a hassle. First, that huge structure needs to be transported to your location. Then, there needs to be enough clearance to bring it to your backyard and fit it into the excavated hole. The cost of crane hire is also on the owner and is generally built into the cost of the pool.

Brisbane Pool Excavation

As you can see, no matter what type of pool you build, you first need an earth-moving tool for pool excavation. Here you have two options, a bobcat, and a mini excavator.

Bobcats are easy-to-use with many attachments. It is also a budget-friendly option. However, the bobcat needs to be more than 6 feet wide to move and operate. This constraint often makes it unsuitable for backyard pool excavation. The bobcat comes with a 6-feet wide-toothed bucket and cannot be maneuvered in a smaller space.

On the other hand, a mini excavator comes with a compact design and can be operated in a tighter space. For backyard pool excavation in Brisbane, we recommend a 3-ton mini excavator.

What is a mini excavator?
An excavator with an operating weight of under 4,535 kilograms is considered a mini or small excavator.

Mini excavators are versatile earth-moving equipment and come with a boom, dipper, and a bucket connected to an operating cab. The cab is located in the house that sits on a swivel pin. The house rotates 360 degrees and makes it easier to do the job. The size of the bucket can range from 12 inches to 24 inches. It is customisable and can be replaced with other attachments if needed.

A mini excavator (3 tons) can dig about 2.5 metres deep. It is enough for installing a backyard swimming pool. However, make sure you excavate a little extra space to allow the shell to fit. Ideally, you should dig an additional one metre in length and width and 400mm deeper. The long arm on mini excavators allows for working in a tighter space perfect for Brisbane pool excavation!

Benefits of using mini excavators
The following are some of the advantages of using a mini excavator over its bigger counterparts:

  • It is compact and therefore can fit into a constricted space.
  • It is cheaper. You can achieve the desired result at a much lower cost.
  • As it is lighter, it causes less damage to the ground.
  • It is ideal for digging around a sensitive area because the operator gets good visibility of the action.
  • It is easy to transport. A mini excavator can easily fit into the back of a utility truck.

Consider a Wet Plant Hire
You may think DIY is a good option for pool excavation as it saves money. However, in most cases, it is not. We strongly recommend hiring an excavator with an operator for pool excavation. A wet plant operator is an experienced person who can complete the job seamlessly without making any mistakes. A small error in operation can prove to be costly.

Although it may appear straightforward, operating machinery such as an excavator is always tough without expertise and experience. An amateurish move could cause permanent damage to the ground or even to your house.

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