Owning a dam can present some challenges and one of them is silt. Silt is a fine, sandy soil, clay or other material that builds up or is deposited in a dam, which builds up the sediment within the water. This can make your dam look muddy and may possibly make it undrinkable for livestock. Silt can also be a problem for pipes and pumps that might be pulling water from your dam.

Desilting your dam is important as silt can increase the risk of evaporation, algae blooming in your water supply and reduces the amount of water your dam can hold. This can be especially concerning during drought periods and for farmers. Silt can also affect the structure of your dam and, if not dealt with, can cause further problems for your dam.

Clearing the silt from your dam is a great way to reduce sediment and remove the nutrients that algae needs to grow. This will protect your water supply from becoming contaminated and reduces evaporation while increasing water volume in your dam. Clearing silt from your dam when it is dry is one of the easier ways to keep your dam clean. You can also maintain other areas of your dam as well while it is dry.

Dozer hire Brisbane and excavator hire are excellent for desilting dams as they are made to move earth and sediment easily. As dams can be quite large it is better to hire plant machinery to remove the silt in your dam than doing it by hand. Our team of operators are professionals in handling plant machinery so your dam will be cleared while protecting other vital components such as the pumps and pipes.

When desilting your dam it is best that the silt is removed from the area. Our plant hire team will make sure this is done so that the silt doesn’t run back into your dam and repeat the process over again. If you have silt with high levels of salt content which has increased your dam’s salinity we suggest seeking professional help to reduce the salinity levels. However, we will ensure that the removed silt is dealt with properly so that it doesn’t affect the surrounding landscape. This can be done by taking the silt away with our truck hire options.

If your dam is in need of desilting there are currently Government rebates if your dam is primarily used for livestock. This is the perfect opportunity to desilt your dam and save. Contact us today for our excavator hire or dozer hire Brisbane options on (07) 3206 2800